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Laundering Flame Resistant Clothing

Home Wash (HW):

  • FR garments can be washed with other laundry; however, if FR garments are soiled with contaminants you may not want to mix with other wash
  • Turn garments inside out prior to wash. Fill the washer no more than 2/3 full.
  • Set washer to Normal or Cotton cycle at any water temperature up to a maximum of 140°F.
  • Use any type of laundry detergent.
  • Do not sue soap, chlorine bleach, liquid non-chlorine bleach, fabric softeners or starches as these hinder FR performance.
  • Conditioned or soft water can help improve removal of contaminants. Hard water precipitates soaps and results in chemical build up that could serve as fuel if exposed to ignition.
  • Remove soils and other contaminants prior to washing. This may require stain removal products or pre-soaking the garment before washing. Hot water can assist in the removal of soils. If there are contaminants that cannot be removed from the garment prior to wash have the garment dry cleaned.
  • Do not over dry garments. Garments can be ironed as long as permanent press low heat is used.
  • Contact garment manufacturer for any additional laundering questions.

Industrial Laundry (IL):

  • Do not wash with other garments to avoid damage to the luminescent effect.
  • Fabric softener, starch, and other laundry additives should be avoided as they can mask the FR performance. Garments should only be soured between a 5.5 and 6.5 pH.
  • Use soft water (less than 4 grains) when washing FR clothing. Hard water can hinder the cleaning and result in increased detergent usage.
  • Don’t use natural soaps such as anionic or tallow soap. Use non-ionic formulas.
  • Do not use Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite). Over time bleach can destroy the luminescent effect if used.
  • If a garment is heavily soiled with abrasive soils or particulate, flush as 105°F at the beginning of the cycle.
  • Use a short dryer time to prevent setting wrinkles. Condition at a stack setting of 165°F so that fabric temperature measured in the basket does net exceed 280°F. Cool down to 100°F or less in conditioning will produce best results.
  • Tunnel temperature should not exceed 280°F on the fabric. Tunnel finishing will improve the garments appearance.
  • Garments may be pressed if using a short cycle but do not exceed a 280°F  fabric temperature under the press head.