Professional Safety Supply
High Quality, Low Prices

PSS was created to provide customers an improved selection in where they purchase their work wear and safety gear. Our commitment to customer service, convenience, quality and value are the drivers that help us create a unique safety equipment and work wear buying relationship.

Customer Service takes many forms but starts with a high availability of products for purchase on a user friendly, state of the art website. Wrap this technology with authentic customer service representatives who genuinely care about you and your employee’s safety as they do their own and you will experience customer service at its best. We put our customers first and make sure they feel they have an inordinate amount of say in how we process, ship and deliver their orders. Real customer service is all about customers “say so” in getting what they need to do their job.

Convenience of ordering, re-ordering, shipping and returns is paramount to a great customer experience. PSS strives to ensure that all customers feel our site is easy to use, prompt, informative in communication, and available all day every day to assist you in getting your safety supplies.

PSS customers define quality in many ways. Primarily, quality boils down to living up to promises whether it’s the quality of a product at a great price, delivery of timely performance, no hassle returns or top notch customer service. PSS strives to “walk the talk”, while we are by no means perfect and occasionally make mistakes, we believe that swarming a customer’s issue to solve their problem effectively and efficiently is crucial to maintaining high quality.

Our view of value is very competitive; we strive to provide significantly better customer service and buying experiences for our customers than they can find elsewhere. At PSS we know our customers have other choices and strive to provide them high value for every dollar they spend. We are confident our customer service representatives will exceed not only our expectations but yours in a friendly manner and cooperative spirits.